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Cooking Workshop

Cook, Eat and Bond


Our culinary team building programs and private cooking classes are some of the most popular and effective bonding experiences. We offer a number of corporate-friendly group cooking activities. The menu includes classes, challenges and unique dining experiences. Each is designed to nourish minds as well as hearts.

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Team Building Events

Best way for your team to connect and be inspired.

Put your team's skills to the test by encouraging them to participate in the design and preparation of menu to share in the class. Cooking as a team helps assess abilities and improve strategies. Creating an exquisite menu as a result is an utterly satisfying experience.

Cooking Parties

Group cooking classes are a fun and unique way to enjoy the company of friends, family or co-workers. Let us design the perfect cooking party hosted in your home.

Private Events

Love to cook or want to surprise someone!  Learn how to cook almost anything in your own kitchen as we create a class suited to your interests and skill level. We offer private, in-home classes where you can learn to make anything from delicious hand-made naan to learning what to do with your favourite ingredients.  Emphasis is on healthy food that you can prepare with confidence and of course, always delicious!

Personal Chef Service 

Tired of eating out or just don't have time to cook. Delicious and healthy dishes freshly made in your own kitchen can be ready for you at your convenience. Let us whip up some culinary magic in your kitchen and leave it ready for you to just heat and serve.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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