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Smriti Chhabra

Entrepreneur and Founder - Delhicious


00 41 79 919 31 63



Küsnacht, ZH

A BITE about me

Extremely renowned world-wide Indian Cuisine is known for its flavours and richness. Fresh vegetables, well cooked meat and authentic Indian spices enhances the flavour of each ingredient.

When we came to Zürich in 2011, being a family of foodies we always wanted to eat out but could never satisfy our taste buds that authenticity, those flavours that actual taste was missing. That was the time we decided to club those actual flavours of Indian spices with quality locally grown vegetables and meat to do wonders to Indian dishes..........and DELHICIOUS was BORN!

When you think of Indian food, the first thing comes to your mind is Curry. A Curry is not just everything mixed together and cooked, it's about the right sequence and appropriate quantity of spices added to enhance the flavour of a dish. How and when, at what stage and in what form and for how long to roast the spices before actually adding them while cooking, makes the real difference.

Why us?

Our dishes are cooked with Locally grown vegetables wherever possible, bought from neighbouring farmers and Swiss meat by using Fair-trade authentic Indian spices with recipes inherited since Generations.

SRF News visited The Pot food truck, an initiative from the FOGO in Altstetten, where we got the oppurtunity to cook lunch menus for the month of November.

Heart & Soul behind Delhicious

(Courtesy :Cédric Bollag - Global Tech Box)

We feel honored to be featured in Migros-Magazine together with other inspiring pioneer projects in Switzerland! Thank you Engagement Migros and #SINGA Switzerland for your continued support.

Read the full interview with Rossana Ammann on #SINGA blog page to know the story behind Delhicious!

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